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Competitive Research Grant Project Proposals under below mentioned R&D programs of the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) can be submitted by the Indian researchers round the year without waiting for specific call for proposals.  Department also encourages submission of scientific lead based Innovative Translation Research and Demonstration Projects in all these areas in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders.

Proposals in all these areas can be online submitted round the year in DBT Electronic Project Management System (eProMIS). Details of these programs can be seen at: https://dbtindia.gov.in

Respective Program Officers can also be contacted for further details. Contact details of all program officers is given in DBT website.



Schemes Opened Thorughout The Year

  • Agriculture Biotechnology
  • Animal Biotechnology
  • Animal Diagnostic And Vaccine
  • Aquaculture And Marine Biotechnology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Basic Research In Modern Biology
  • Bio-resources and Secondary Agriculture
  • Biodesign
  • Biomedical Engineering (Medical Devices, Diagnostics and Implants)
  • Biotech Based Programmes For Societal Development
  • Biotech-KISAN
  • COVID-19 : Diagnostics
  • COVID-19 : Drugs
  • COVID-19 : Others
  • COVID-19 : Vaccines
  • COVID-19 :Therapeutics
  • Drug Development
  • Energy Biosciences - Biofuels
  • Environmental Biotechnology
  • Forest Biotechnology
  • Genome Editing Technologies & Their Applications
  • International - Sweden and Australia
  • Ipr And Biosafety
  • Medical Biotechnology - Infectious Diseases
  • Medical Biotechnology - Non-Infectious Diseases
  • Medical Biotechnology - Stem Cell Biology
  • Medical Biotechnology - Women and Child Health Research- Human Developmental and Disease Biology
  • Medical Biotechnology- Human Genetics & Genome Analysis
  • Medical Biotechnology- Neuroscience
  • Medical Biotechnology-Vaccine Research And Diagnostics
  • Nanoscience And Nanotechnology Application In Biology
  • NER Programme
  • Public Health Food And Nutrition
  • Technology Development in Silk and its application in biomaterials
  • Theoretical and Computational Biology
  • Translational Research on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants products

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    • To provide user friendly system for online submission of proposal and various other documents related to ongoing projects.
    • To provide information about status of proposal /project.
    • To enable online peer review and processing of proposal.
    • To facilitate complete monitoring and project management.

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